How To Address Long-Term Pest Control Problems

When people contact a pest control company, they often expect the job to be one-and-done. However, some locations have long-term pest control problems. To address these situations, property owners often need to take these six long-term steps.

Identifying the Pests

Foremost, you need to understand the pests in question. You might make the mistake of putting out traps and bait for mice only to discover that a building had a termite problem the whole time. You need to be able to tackle the specific issues that come with specific pests. Someone dealing with mice might need to focus on ingress points. Conversely, some dealing with termites may need to plant slow-release chemical barriers and remove wet and soft wood from the property.

Note Location-Specific Limitations

Every location has different limitations. If you have pets and kids, certain chemical solutions become less desirable. Similar issues appear at businesses that handle foodstuffs. There are still potential options like traps and even the deployment of predators. However, you have to match the pest control services to the specific limitations of the location. Otherwise, you might encounter safety issues.


Something usually attracts pests to particular properties. If you have a wooden shed that's also full of firewood, it may have to go if it keeps attracting wood-boring bees. Rodent problems can trace to holes in walls, and you might have to seal those openings. Some bugs are attracted to standing water, and you may have to install better drainage.

Working with Neighbors

Many pest control concerns extend beyond one building. If one office building in a downtown area has problems with pigeons, then it's a good bet that most neighboring ones do, too. Eliminating the pigeons on your property alone won't make the problem go away. Pigeons from the neighboring buildings will eventually fill the gap. You have to work with your neighbors to ensure that long-term pests don't return.

Regularize Monitoring

Regular monitoring will provide early warning if and when pests come back. You need to check around the property every week to look for signs of pest control issues. If you see droppings, it may be a sign that an infestation is returning. You can call a pest control services firm to get on top of the situation.

Tighten Up

The simplest answer in some cases is to tighten up practices. If you have mice getting into your pantry, make sure all of the containers are solid and mouse-proof.

For more information, contact a pest control company near you.

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