Do You Need A Termite Inspection? 3 Signs You Should

Termites can do a lot of harm to a home, and the damage can be very extensive, leaving you with a home that is in need of numerous repairs. Termites can cause damage deep inside your home that you may not be aware they are causing until it's too late. At this point, the damage the termites have caused has generally snowballed into even further damage.

Termites will feast on wood that has been damaged by water or moisture, so consider a leak beneath a sink that you haven't repaired, and the damage is to the floor below. That floor joist may be getting eaten away by termites and you don't realize it until your bathtub, sink, and toilet all begin to sink into the floor. This type of damage is excessive, but it could occur if you have termites. A termite inspection can save you thousands of dollars, so if you suspect that you have termites, you should schedule an inspection. Read on for some signs that you should have one done.

1. You See Flying Pests

If you see a lot of flying pests and you aren't quite sure what they are, but you can see them coming and going from your home, you should have this looked into. It could very well be termites and you have a lot of those that fly, although there are termites that do not have wings and simply crawl. If you see any type of flying pest coming and going from your home, you should hire a professional to have it inspected.

2. You Have Had Water Damage

If you have had water damage to your home previously, you should consider having an inspection of your home to ensure you do not have termite damage as well. Termites act quickly, so if you have moisture-damaged wood in your home, termites can become an issue for you. Hire a professional to have this area inspected and to help you determine if you need to do further work to your home to protect it from termites.

3. You See Sawdust Piles

If you have sawdust piles in areas where you have not done any type of work to your home, you should hire an inspector to do some investigating. You could have termites and those piles of sawdust are what is left behind after they have had their fill on your home.

If you have any inkling that you have termites, you should have an inspection of your home performed to ensure you do not have this issue — and if you do, you should have them exterminated right away to prevent any further damage to your home. Contact a local termite control service to get started.

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