When To Use Fumigation To Eliminate Pests In Your Home

When your home has a pest infestation, such as a termite infestation, there are several methods you can use to eliminate the pests, depending on the type of infestation you have. For example, you can eliminate all easily accessible food sources and make sure that you throw away the garbage. However, if you need a different approach, you may contact a pest control company to fumigate your home thoroughly. Whether or not fumigation is the right option depends on the type of pests that have invaded your home. 

Chemicals Used When Fumigating a Home

A pest control company will use one of several chemicals, such as hydrogen cyanide or iodoform. For termites, the primary chemical used by a pest control company is sulfuryl fluoride. This chemical penetrates the termite's body and disrupts its central nervous system. Termites have hard outer shells and need a chemical that can penetrate them.

The fumigant is particularly lethal for termites because they are attracted to it due to its sweet smell. It's also one of the less dangerous fumigants for humans and pets. However, you'll still not want to be exposed to it because it can irritate your respiratory system. Any food or water exposed to it should be discarded.

The Fumigation Process

During a fumigation, your home will be filled with toxic gas. It can kill all sorts of pests, such as fleas. The fumigation fog can usually wholly eradicate the pest infestation because the gas can reach every area of your home, including areas no other methods can reach, such as localized sprays. 

However, fumigation kills everything, so you should only use it as a last resort. You might end up killing beneficial organisms. In some cases, you could eliminate helpful natural predators. Then, if your home is invaded by the species again, the infestation could be even worse.

Fumigation is also a less convenient way to eliminate pests because the toxic chemicals are hazardous to you and your family. Therefore, you'll have to leave home for a few days until the chemicals disperse. 

Other Pest Control Methods

Because of the downsides of fumigation, a pest control company might only use it for severe infestations that cannot be eliminated with other methods. Often, you can avoid a pest infestation without using any chemicals at all, depending on the species.

For example, sealing all holes and cracks can prevent pests from entering your home. You may also be able to add barriers that will keep pests out. A pest control company can examine your home and make sure that all your bases are covered.

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