Can't Keep Mice Out Of Your Home? What You Can Do

Mice are sneaky pests that can squeeze into small spaces in order to get what they need. They don't care where they go to get what they need, they will go just about anywhere, including residential homes or businesses to get the food they need in order to survive. If you have mice in your home, you're going to need to be quick about getting rid of them before they take over your home. These pests will continue to come back if they continue to find what they need, and if you don't do what you can to prevent them from coming in in the first place, you're going to continue to have an issue. Read on for helpful information to keep mice from coming into your home.

Block Their Entry

To keep these pests from coming into your home you need to block their entrance. This may be a difficult task, as you could have very small holes or cracks in your home that you may not feel are large enough for mice to get inside, but mice can squeeze themselves into holes that are large enough for their heads to fit inside. If their heads can fit, their bodies will follow. You need to make repairs to all of the small holes or cracks that you have to prevent these pests from coming in.

Clean House

Clean your house to remove clutter from inside your home and outside your home. The exterior of your home should be free of clutter and your yard should be kept trimmed. Yards that are overgrown are a perfect cover for mice to survive and will eventually come into your home. Trim your yard and keep up with your landscaping to remove anything overgrown. The inside of your home should be kept tidy as well. Clutter inside should also be removed, and the interior of your home should be kept clean. You need to clean your kitchen often and sweep your floors daily, as small crumbs can be used for food for mice.

Set Multiple Mouse Traps

You should set multiple mouse traps around your home to kill the mice that you have in your home. Set the traps with fresh bait and move them around your home until you figure out where the mice are located and begin to catch them. You should use multiple traps throughout your home to capture as many mice as you can and exterminate them faster.

If you have an issue with keeping mice out of your home, there's something that is luring them there. You should hire a professional mouse removal exterminator if you are still unable to get rid of them.

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