Homeowners And Termites: FAQs

Homeowners usually do not have to worry too much about insect pests, as most insects will not do any serious damage to their houses. A crucial exception, however, is the dreaded termite. These hungry wood eaters are responsible for about 30 billion dollars of damage to crops and buildings in the United States every year and homeowners spend about five billion dollars a year on termite control and repairing the damage done by termites. This article highlights some frequently asked questions about termites.

Can You Eliminate the Problem Yourself?

Many homeowners are used to dealing with pests, such as roaches, ants, and wasps on their own, so they are naturally curious to know if they can solve their termite problem themselves. You have several do-it-yourself, or DIY, methods at your disposal if you decide to forego seeking the help of a professional pest control service.

For instance, you can purchase termite bait stations at most home and garden centers. Other DIY solutions include orange oil, boric acid, diatomaceous earth, and the use of cardboard traps. The problem with these and similar treatments is that you have no way of being certain that all of the termites have been killed. For this reason, the best course of action is to employ a pest control service.

What Is Your Guarantee the Termites Are Gone?

Pest control companies usually give you a warranty to guarantee that the termite infestation has been eliminated. Typically, a warranty will involve subsequent inspections of your home to make sure that the termites are gone for good. A warranty will also protect you if more termites are discovered later by offering to cover the cost of any new treatments. Warranties might or might not cover the cost of any necessary repairs due to termite damage that occurs after the original treatment, so make certain that you read the document carefully.

What Areas of the U.S. Are Vulnerable to Termites?

Most people think of termites as an insect that loves the hotter areas of the U.S., such as the south and southwest, and are primarily an issue in the sunnier states. There is some truth to this as termites thrive in hot weather, but the truth is that there are very few areas of the country that are free from termite problems. The U.S. Forest Service has produced a map that shows the vast majority of the country's population lives in areas that are susceptible to termite invasions.

If you are concerned that termites have taken up residence in your home, contact a termite control service in your city. 

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