Eliminating Bees From A Wall In Your Home

Bees are known to create their homes in the ground, under the eaves of homes, or near tree branches. There are, however, times when bees bypass these areas and take up their residence inside of homes. This is usually because they are looking for a warm area to nest when outdoor conditions become too cold. If you believe you have a bee problem within one of your walls, take the necessary steps in removing them.

Avoid Using Chemical Agents 

Most people look toward insecticides to kill off pests, including bees. When the problem is inside of a wall, however, it is best to refrain from this practice. These chemicals will be emitted into your livable space, potentially causing health issues for people and pets. Instead, take a proactive approach to find the exact wall the bees are harbored within. If you are unsure and only hear buzzing, contact a bee removal service to assist with the hunt for the uninvited guests.

Drilling A Hole May Be Necessary 

If you are sure about the location of the bees, to have them vacate your home you will need to provide a way for these insects to get out of the area where they are currently nesting. This usually involves drilling a hole in your wall as close to the nest as possible. After drilling, you will notice the bees flying around areas of your home. Close off rooms by shutting doors and keep a window near the wall open so as many bees as possible can make their way outdoors. When you do not wish to monitor bees inside of your home, seal the hole temporarily and continue the process of guiding the bees toward the window the next day. Eventually, they will make their way outside.

Contact A Professional For Assistance

A bee removal service can tend to the task of removing the entire hive from your walls for you. You will need to allow them to cut open a portion of the wall where the bees are trapped behind. The upside to having business conduct the process for you instead of you undertaking it on your own is that the bees will be removed in their entirety during one session. Some bee removal services will replace the drywall for you after the pests have been successfully removed. Be sure to inquire about this when you schedule an appointment for an evaluation.

For more information, contact a bee removal service.

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