Residential Pest Control: 3 Obvious Signs Roaches Have Invaded Your Home

No homeowner wants to share their home with roaches. Cockroaches are disgusting, filthy, and sometimes scary. They can enter your house through the crevices and cracks in the walls and windows. They can also be carried from one area to another as they are savvy in hiding in cardboard boxes and other enclosed dark areas. Unfortunately, realizing that you have a roach invasion can be challenging, mainly because roaches are more active at night. They hide during the day and only appear at night. So if you are not careful to notice the signs of a cockroach infestation, you may share a roof with them for a long time without realizing it. This is risky because cockroaches can contaminate your food and spread bacteria. But what are the signs of a cockroach infestation? Continue reading to find out. 

You See Roach Droppings 

Cockroaches are heavy feeders and usually eat nearly everything from garbage, dead skin cells, plants, and food. They also have a good digestive system that speeds up their excretion process. Actually, they can release a lot of roach droppings within a short time and poop anywhere. The droppings are usually large, black, and look a lot like black pepper or minced coffee. You will likely find large amounts of droppings in dark hidden areas such behind the cupboards, refrigerator, sinks, stove, and pantries. Their droppings carry lots of germs and bacteria, so you should handle them carefully. In this case, you should hire residential pest control experts because they will exterminate the roaches more safely. 

You Find Roach Egg Casings 

A cockroach infestation can grow very fast within a short time because roaches are excellent breeders. They don't lay single eggs; instead, they lay many eggs at once wrapped in a brown casing known as the ootheca. This casing is left behind after the eggs hatch. So if you have roach infestations, you will come across empty casings. Don't ignore them because they indicate you have a roach infestation. Hiring professionals in residential pest control should be the next step because dealing with roaches yourself is never a good idea.

You See Roaches Roaming in Your House 

You could also tell you have a roach infestation when you see roaches roaming in your house. However, it's not sometimes easy to see them, particularly during the day. Roaches are more active at night, meaning that's when you are more likely to see them. The fact that you just saw two or three roaches doesn't mean you have a minor roach infestation. The few roaches you see could be a sign of a serious infestation that a residential pest control professional should handle. So don't hesitate to hire pest control services whenever you see roaches roaming in your house.

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