Ridding Your Yard Of Nuisance Skunks

If you have had skunks frequenting your property more often than not, you are most likely searching for a way to have them vacate without incident. Because skunks spray an odor when they become upset, it is imperative to take precautions when you know they are in the vicinity. Here are some ways to remove skunks from your yard for good.

Eliminate Attractions From The Area

Skunks will remain in areas where they know there is a food supply and water available to them. If you remove these attractions, skunks will be less likely to stick around your property. Make sure to cover any water sources such as birdbaths, pools, and ponds, especially during the nighttime hours. If you provide food to other animals on your property, monitor their feeding sessions and remove leftovers immediately.

Seal Off Favorite Nesting Areas

Skunks will seek out spots for sleeping and caring for their young where they will remain unbothered by other animals or people. Prime locations include underneath porches, sheds, or woodpiles. Check any crevices upon your property for signs of skunks. The best way to find a skunk nesting area is to follow one of them. Do so from several feet away so you do not scare the animal in the process of finding out where it heads to. When you locate an area, wait until skunks have vacated and cover holes, cracks, or crevices so the animals are unable to return after their venture out.

Use Methods Of Scaring Skunks

Skunks will leave a property if they feel they are being threatened. To scare off skunks, play loud music or clang pots and pans together when they are noticed on your property. Set up a motion-detecting sprinkler system so skunks become wet when they walk upon your property. Motion-detecting lighting also works well at starting skunks when they walk past a sensor.

Contact A Removal Service

The easiest way to get rid of nuisance skunks is to contact a wildlife removal service in your area. They will dispatch workers to your property to find out where skunks are located. They will then use trapping methods to capture skunks and relocate them to another area where they are unable to make their way back to your property. This method of removal allows for you to stay out of the entire process, leaving the work to professionals used to dealing with these critters.

For more information contact a skunk removal service nearby.

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