Have A Lot Of Honey Bees In Your Yard? Tips To Remove Them And Prevent Them From Coming Into Your Yard

If you have a lot of honey bees in your yard there are things that you can do to remove them. Honey bees are beneficial, however, so you should do what you can to not kill them. Hire a pest control company, like Complete Bee Removal, to help you and they can safely remove the honey bees from your yard.

Pest Control Company

If you want the bees to be killed a pest control company can spray the area to kill the bees. The pest control service will have to determine where the beehive is and remove it. This can be difficult to do, as it is very easy to get stung. 

The pest control company may ask a beekeeper to help in some cases if you want to save the bees. The beekeeper will know how to find the beehive if you cannot see it. The hive may be inside walls where you cannot easily reach. In order to find it, the contractor will tap on the wall in different areas to see if they hear a buzzing sound. Some may also use a stethoscope to hear the buzzing sound. 

If the beehive is between walls, the contractor will have to cut the wall in order to remove the hive. They will close the hole after they are finished. The hive, along with the comb, will be gently removed from the area and placed in a special container. The contractor will then take the beehive to a safe area to be set free. 

If you do not care if the contractor kills the bees, they may use a vacuum device to suck the bees out of the hive. This will not capture all bees so everyone should be away from the hive while this is being done so they do not get stung. In some cases, there are collection containers in the vacuum to save the bees. 

Prevent Bees

Even though you cannot keep all bees away from your property, there are things you can do to keep them away from you and your family while you are outside. First, do not leave sugary drinks, such as sodas, without tops on them sitting around. Bees love sweet things so this will draw them to it. 

There are smells the bees hate, so if they smell them, they will leave. Put something like almond oil or vinegar in a spray bottle and spray it around your property. Bees will stay away due to the smell. There is garlic spray that you can purchase that works well for this. Purchase some citronella candles that can be set outside on a table that also keep honey bees away. 

Plant things like peppermint and basil outside near your porch or near areas where you spend time outside. Bees do not like the smell of these either and will stay away. 

The pest control company can give you many more tips to keep bees away from you.  

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