Have A Wasp Problem? Know How To Keep Them Away

Have you noticed that wasps are making nests on your property, and have you hired a pest control company to get rid of them?  If so, you may be unsure about what you should do to prevent those wasps from coming back. Here are some tips for dealing with wasps.

Keep Your Property Clean

The first tip for keeping wasps away is going to be to keep your property clean. You may not be thinking that the cleanliness of the outside of your home matters, but it really does. This is because wasps will seek out leftover food and garbage as a food source for themselves. They'll also use organic material as shelter, such as leaves and other debris left on the ground.

Make sure that you pick up lawn debris often so that it is not left out for wasps to use. If you frequently use your outdoor space, make sure that you are cleaning up any food waste that is left behind. Any pet food should also be put away and not left outside, or put in a place where only your pets have access to it. You should also use a sealed garbage container for putting your trash bags into so that pests don't have access to the waste inside. 

Eliminate Potential Nest Locations

Wasps tend to make their nests in places that are elevated and covered. While this can be in trees and structures found naturally around your property, they can also be on your home or other man-made structures. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make these areas unappealing.

You can spray parts of your home with an insecticide that will make the wasps not want to build their nests there. Look for flat surfaces along the eaves of your roof, decks, and other areas that are dark and don't have natural sunlight. You can spray the surfaces down with an insecticide, and then reapply it after the recommended amount of time. For the natural surfaces, do your best to clean up overgrown areas that can create a lot of shade.

Seal Cracks And Crevices 

Wasps can find their way into small spaces, including small cracks and crevices that allow them into your home. It will be important to go around your property and seal these places where wasps could get in to make a nest. Caulk can be used to close up small gaps, and a wire mesh can be placed inside the bigger ones to make it hard for the wasps to squeeze through. To learn more, contact a pest control company

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