Keep Getting Termites? How A Pest Control Company Can Prevent This

If you keep seeing termites in your home no matter what you do, you need to contact a pest control company immediately. This is because termites can cause a lot of damage to your home. There are many ways they can prevent this from happening, such as the following two strategies. You can then rest easy knowing your home will be termite free.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

One way to stop termites, as well as rodents, is to encapsulate your crawl space. The pest control company will have you hire a company to do this for you. Encapsulating will reduce condensation and moisture that can get into crawlspaces. Moisture draws termites so they will get into the crawl space and then they can have access to your home. 

When encapsulating your crawl space, the contractor will install a vapor barrier to the floor. The vapor barrier attaches to your foundation, piers, and walls. The contractor will then seal off all openings and vents that lead to outdoors. A thermal barrier will then be installed, and all cracks and gaps will be air sealed. 

When the crawl space encapsulation is finished, your crawl space will be clean and dry, and if you ever have to get into the crawl space you will have no problem doing so. 

Make Changes Outside

There are many things the pest control will ask you to do outside your home to help prevent termites. First, they will ask you to remove all wood, lumber, mulch, plants, etc. that are close to your home's foundation.

Install downspouts on your gutters to direct water further away from your home. If you do not the soil will be moist every time it rains, which will draw in termites. The pest control company will have you repair faucets outside that leak and remove all moisture that is in the area of the leaky faucet. 

There are swarmer termites that can fly. A male and female swarmer mate and then burrow into the soil to lay eggs. The eggs they lay are not swarmers but the termites that damage your home. If you have a lot of swarmers outside this results in a lot of termites. The pest control company will kill any current swarmers that are outside. After this, do not leave lights on outside as swarmers get drawn to the lights.  If you have a lot of lights next to your door, windows, etc., consider moving these further away from your home.

The pest control company that you hire can give you more tips on preventing termites.

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