Why You Should Not Move A Beehive Yourself

You may know that bees are incredibly important when it comes to the way that plants and trees are pollinated. So, if you happen to find a beehive in or around your home, then you may not want to spray a pesticide on the hive. You also do not want to move the hive yourself, although this is the right course of action. You should leave this to a pest control specialist who is well aware of the environmentally friendly tactics that are required. If you are unsure why you should not move a hive, then keep reading for a few reasons why. 

Bees May Not Orientate Themselves

Bees use a special process to forage and then return back to their hives. Basically, bees will look for nectar in a specific area that is about three to five miles from the hive. The bees will venture out further and further and they will use landmarks to figure out how to get back to their hive. When you see bees moving in a figure-8 pattern around the outside of the hive, they are orienting themselves and communicating with other bees about where food can be found.

If you move a beehive to a new location, the bees will no longer know where they are. The bees will get lost and they also will be without a food source until the bees orient themselves again. Many bees will be lost in the process and the hive may not survive.

A pest control specialist can deliver the hive and the bees to a nearby beekeeper who has a thriving apiary. This allows the new hive to communicate with the existing ones so food can be found more easily while the orientation process continues. 

You May Get Hurt

There are three different kinds of bees that work in conjunction with one another in a hive. The worker bees are responsible for building the hive and foraging for food, and they also must protect the queen. The bees do this at the entrance of the hive and will signal to other bees when the hive is threatened. 

Bees will protect their queen and they will do so by force if they need to. This means that you will get stung, possibly by many bees, if you try to move a hive yourself. Depending on the type of hive, the bees may also chase you.

While some pest control experts will use smoke to ensure that the bees are sleepy and unlikely to be active, this may not be necessary. The bee control service will send a professional that may instead wait until dusk when the bees are all safely within the hive. The professional will then wrap the hive in a material like tulle and carefully take it to an apiary. This type of movement requires skill, not only to make sure the bees do not sense danger but to ensure that the beehive is kept intact as well. 

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