Signs That You Might Have Mice In Your House

If you have mice in your home, you might not see them or even know they are there for several months. Mice are very small and are great at hiding; however, you will eventually start seeing signs that there are mice around. Here are some of the signs you might see that should alert you that you have a mouse problem in your house. If you see these signs, you should seek help from a pest control company, because eliminating mice is not always an easy task on your own.

Scratching and Gnawing Sounds

Mice spend most of the day hiding and sleeping, and they spend most of the night moving about trying to find food to eat. Because of this, most of the sounds you hear from mice will occur at night, and you might begin hearing them when you are in bed at night trying to sleep. The sounds mice make include scratching sounds and gnawing sounds. Mice will scratch and gnaw as they move around in a house, and this is how they find ways to get into places in your home. If you hear these sounds at night, they are most likely coming from mice living in your home.

Droppings Around Your House

When mice eat and travel, they will produce droppings wherever they go. These droppings are small and black, and you may find them in the most inconvenient places of your home. For example, mice are known for entering into cabinets and drawers. They also like entering pantries where food is stored. If you have mice in your house, you will see droppings in these places and many others.

Holes in Walls

The other key sign that you have mice in your home is holes in your walls. In many cases, mice will chew right through walls in your house to get in. They will then often chew through other walls to get back out. The holes they make are typically very small, and they are much smaller than you would expect them to be; however, mice can fit through really small holes.

If you see these signs in your home, you should act quickly. Mice reproduce very quickly and leaving mice in your house could result in a huge mouse population. You can begin by setting mouse traps around your house, but you may also want to hire a pest control company, like Alliance Pest Management, Inc., for professional mouse-removal services. 

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