3 Vital Things To Do When You Suspect Your Home Has A Termite Infestation

Do you live in an area where termites are common? Have you been delaying doing anything about the prevention of termites in and around your home? If you haven't been doing anything about termites, there's a good chance that your home is already infested. You may already be seeing signs of an infestation, such as fine bits of a sawdust-like material around your windows or doors. In order to get rid of your infestation as quickly as possible, some things that you need to do immediately include:

Call in a professional: Without the help of a professional, you could quickly be fighting a losing battle against the termites. A termite colony can be much bigger than you might otherwise expect and this is something that the professional can assess. Without a professional termite pest control treatment, the colony can quickly start to eat away at the important structural parts of your home. Right now, it may only be cosmetic damage, but you have no way to know for certain without the assistance of a termite professional. The sooner you call one in, the fewer repairs you'll have to make later.

Fix leaky faucets: Over time, faucets can develop a slow leak that may not seem like much to you but can have a huge impact on potential termite infestations. As with all other living creatures, termites need a source of water to live. Having a damp area near the foundation of your home is an ideal location for termites to get the moisture that they need. If you don't fix the leaky faucet or faucets, it will be harder for the professional termite pest control treatment to work on the colony. If your home has multiple leaky faucets and you can't afford to have them all repaired right now, you should at least have the outdoor faucets fixed before worrying about the ones inside your home.

Clean up your property: Having an untidy yard can be a termite haven. While termites will live in and eat timber or even trees, they especially enjoy eating leaf litter and cardboard boxes. If you have cardboard boxes stored in a shed or in your garage, you might want to consider getting rid of them and replacing them with plastic totes as part of your termite pest control treatment. Mulch and leaf litter should be raked up and disposed of. If you want to compost your yard waste, use a plastic compost barrel that is sealed to prevent any insects from entering. 

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