What To Do If You Have A Honey Bee Infestation

Honey bees serve a purpose in our world. Without them we wouldn't have beautiful flowers, as honey bees pollinate our flowers allowing them to open and bloom. Honey bee hives can be quite large and can be made in areas very close to your home, even inside of your home. If you have honey bees nearby or in your home you may not be thinking about how they are good for our ecosystem, but rather how you want to just get rid of them. See below for information about what to do if you have a honey bee infestation.

Seal Them In

If the honey bees are in your walls, chimney or in your siding, you've probably heard them buzzing and can find where they are. Help seal them inside their hives to prevent them from coming out and into your home by blocking their entrance. Use a plastic sheet such as a shower curtain or drop cloth to seal them inside until you can get help to remove them safely from your home. 

Call A Professional

As much as you may want to spray the bees to get rid of them, you should refrain from doing so. Call a professional for help getting the bees out and properly removing the hive to prevent them (or robber bees) from returning to your home. If you have a bee-keeper nearby, try calling them first for help. If you don't find a bee-keeper, call an exterminator for help. Look for an exterminator that has knowledge of honey bees and that can remove them and the hive. 

Do not attempt to move the bees yourself unless you know what you are doing. This could be a very dangerous job if you don't know how to handle the bees yourself. Even if you aren't allergic to a bee sting, multiple bee stings could be very dangerous.

Other Tips:

  • Seal in areas around your home to prevent bees from making their hives inside your home or around your home. 
  • Remove old hives when you spot one, as other bees can come back to the hive and inhabit it, or robber bees may come back to a hive that has honey in it.
  • Remain calm if you spot honey bees, swatting at the bees may make them angry and could cause them to sting you.

Honey bees do serve a purpose and actually do more than simply produce honey. Don't try to kill these bees if at all possible. Call a professional to help remove them from inside or around your home. For more information, visit websites like http://www.antsplus.net.

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