Three Tips For Controlling Fleas Around Your Home

If you have furry friends, fleas can quickly become a problem when warmer weather rolls around. By acting quickly, you can take steps to contain and eliminate an infestation.

Keeping Fleas Off You And Your Pets

Flea bites can be incredibly annoying. They itch and can become infected and bring out flea allergies in your pets. Thankfully if you can keep them off you and your pets, you can throw a serious wrench in their life cycle.

When it comes to your pets, bathe them and apply a flea treatment to them. Make the flea treatment can kill fleas in all their life stages, or in a couple weeks you'll have the same problem all over again. Consult your veterinarian for any special needs your pet may have with flea prevention.

Keeping fleas off of people can be a little less straightforward. Fleas hate the smell and taste of lavender, mint, and tea tree oil. Washing with one of these scents will help keep fleas from thinking you're a tasty snack. However, you shouldn't use these scents on your pet as they can make pets ill.

Making Fleas As Uncomfortable As Possible

Unfortunately with fleas, they multiply quickly and can be incredibly difficult to snuff out. To give fleas the boot you'll want to get everything up off the floor. Sweep, vacuum, and wash everything that isn't physically attached to the floor.

Prior to vacuuming, you can use a powder like diatomaceous earth. Diatomaceous earth is a white powder that you can apply to your carpets to erode the exoskeleton of fleas. You should use the food grade variety and use a mask to apply the powder. You'll also want to use a mask when you vacuum the powder up about 24 hours later. That's all the time it takes for diatomaceous earth to erode a flea's exoskeleton and kill them.

If diatomaceous earth isn't enough to contain your flea outbreak, you'll need to use bigger guns. Foggers are typically the next step in fighting a flea infestation. You made need a few foggers to treat your entire home. When using foggers, be sure to tightly seal any food, cover aquariums, and pick up pet food dishes.

Make An Appointment

If despite your best efforts you can't stop a growing flea problem, it's time to reach out. Reaching out a pest control company can help turn the tide in your favor. Once in contact, they will develop a plan to help rid your home of fleas. Every home is different and sometimes having a pest control company, like Mr. Bug Killer Inc, assess the situation will be what you need to squash your flea problem for good. 

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