3 Important Steps When Dealing With Termite Damage

If you own a home, the last thing you want to find on your property is a termite. These creatures can wreak so much havoc on integral wood structures, making it necessary to address them promptly. Consider these steps when trying to deal with these unwanted pests. 

1. Remove Termite Breeding Grounds

Termites, like many insects, require certain environments to thrive and reproduce. Since they prefer wet, humid areas, you need to do everything you can to remove these environments from your home.

Make sure your home's plumbing is in good condition, free of any leaks. If there are any damaged shingles on your roof, they need to replaced immediately to prevent water from soaking underneath and then attracting termites.

You also need to make sure your home's gutters are in good condition. Remove any leaves and debris that could cause blockages, and ensure the downspouts near the bottom are directed away from your property. 

2. Apply Insecticides and Foam

The moment you realize you have a termite problem, you need to act fast and purchase the appropriate insecticides and foam. They are designed to kill off a large termite population quickly. These substances are relatively easy to apply, but you'll often need to evacuate the area to prevent your family and pets from getting sick.

Apply these solutions around termite-prone areas, such as the attic, windows and doors, foundation, and wooden decks. Allow the solution to set out for enough time, based on the recommendations from the manufacturer. 

3. Hire Professionals

If you don't have any experience dealing with termites, you'll want to contact a pest control company. They'll assess your property for damage, seeing if termites are there in the first place.

If signs of damage are present, they'll follow up by identifying what type of termites are on your property. This is paramount for selecting the right commercial insecticide to kill the population. A good thing about these commercial products is a lot of them are harmless to humans and pets, so you don't have to take any precautions. 

These pest control services also provide ways to keep termites at bay, such as removing wooden structures and caulking cracks in the foundation.

Termites are living creatures, but you don't want them anywhere near your property. Keep them away by implementing the right prevention and eradication strategies, before these tiny creatures have time to do severe damage and cause you a lot of stress. 

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